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Count on our highly trained pharmacists to deliver the services you need to take better care of your health.

This can include injections, flu shots, medication reviews, smoking cessation and prescription medicine from our prescribing pharmacists and our free bubble pack service.

Prescribing Pharmacists

Tellier Pharmacy has two prescribing pharmacists on staff to assist you with your medication needs. Pharmacists can assess and prescribe for many medical conditions. 

Our staff is highly trained in dispensing the right medication or prescription drugs for your needs. Our pharmacy is also stocked full of first aid, pain relief products, cough and cold remedies to be ready for when you need it most. We also carry a large assortment of home healthcare items, vitamins and supplements. Need help choosing the right product? Our friendly pharmacists are a great resource for helping you get the best product for your situation. Our commitment to service makes Tellier Pharmacy your drug store of choice in the Bonnyville area.

Pharmacy Services


Our qualified professional pharmacists are able to provide on-site injection services for your convenience. These are available with a prescription from your Dr or Health Care Provider and may include Vitamin B12 iron injections depo and more.

Flu Shots

To keep you & your family healthy during flu season make arrangements to come in for your annual flu shot. As per provincial legislation our pharmacists are able to administer flu shots to any individual over the age of 9. The flu season usually runs from October to April. Contact the pharmacy for more detail.

Smoking Cessation

Tellier Pharmacy has an extensive line of products to help you quit smoking. When you are ready to quit our qualified pharmacist will be glad to show you all the options available to help you succeed.

Medication Review

Our pharmacists can conduct a medication review with you to ensure that you are familiar with all your medications. Additionally, the pharmacist will ensure that all of your medications are appropriate for you and can make recommendations to optimize your medication therapy.

Free Delivery & Curbside Pickup

We provide free delivery service for prescriptions within town limits Monday to Friday. Now offering curbside pickup during store hours.

Compliance Packaging

We offer compliance packages with Simpl at no additional charge.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacists

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